Words by Edgar Degas &
Photogravures by Charles Hobson

WRITING ON THE BODY was made in a limited edition of forty-five copies in the summer and fall of 1999 with eight hand-colored photogravure etchings made from mixed media figure drawings by Charles Hobson combined with fragments of Degas's handwriting. Kay Bradner made the plates for the photogravures and editioned the etchings with Charles Hobson who hand colored the etchings with pastel. The text has been hand set and printed by Jack W. Stauffacher using 12 point Meridien on BFK Rives at The Greenwood Press, San Francisco. John DeMerritt bound the book. The title of the book is displayed on the spine as an actual writing pen.

WRITING ON THE BODY has been created in homage to Edgar Degas and the lessons he set down about how to draw the human figure. The images used in the book are figure drawings taken from life drawings by Charles Hobson done over an eight year period at a regular weekly studio session. He says: "A year or so ago I looked through several years of sketches and was reminded time and time again how I was relying on the approaches and attitudes that had seeped into me though my attachment to Degas's work and methods." Out of Print.

Degas quoted at every turn the maxims of his hero, Ingres:

"Drawing is not outside but inside the line."  

"One should pursue the contour like a fly crosses the page."  

"Muscles are my friends whose names I have forgotten."  

Paul Valery in Degas Dance Drawing

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