THE WRITER (page 3)

In the interest of having readers of The Writer understand some of the design intentions, I have organized a small instruction booklet entitled:

How to Read The Writer

Reading The Writer offers an opportunity to re-experience the poem and to encounter its magic from several vantage points. One way to get at this is to use the sequence that I use when showing the book.

1. Start by moving the yellow and blue striped book up a little in the box so it perches on the top edge of the box.

2. Read the poem out loud, especially if there’s another person with you.

3. Take the flutter book from the three bird cover and flip the pages to see the starling fly.

4. Turn the pages of the flutter book and read the individual words. (Notice how each word brings back an echo of the poem.)

5. Spread out the flutter book to give a panoramic view of the words and the starling.

6. Place the flutter book in the center of the bottom of the box and gather several pages together upright. Remove your finger and the pages “domino” down, fluttering as if of their own volition.

7. Finally, notice that there’s a handcolored image of the starling inside the back cover.

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